Quisqueya in Action, Inc., a nonprofit organization, founded in 1987 in the city of Providence by an energetic group of Dominican youth.Margarita Cepeda brought these young people together to enlighten their knowledge regarding the Dominican Republic and develop a common belief of creating and inspiring the community with meaningful information about the beautiful island, its people, its rich history and culture.We will always recognize Margarita Cepeda for inspiring and pushing the need and reasoning for young Dominican-Americans to feel as proud as native Dominicans even though they are born in the United States.

Determined to make a difference, Quisqueya in Action held several meetings to create a vision for this organization and to ensure young people in Providence and the State of Rhode Island an option for community involvement.The meetings resulted in the origin of the Dominican Festival of Rhode Island.Today, the organization is extremely proud to celebrate 19 years of exposing the community and specifically its young people with the splendor of history of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Festival has attracted more than fifteen thousand people every year.Organizers are part time volunteers and work diligently to provide the community with an annual festival full of colorful dresses, delicious food and camaraderie with all folks from local and neighboring cities and town in Rhode Island as well as those from neighboring countries of the Dominican Republic.

Janet Pichardo, President and the board of Quisqueya In Action continue to carry out the mission and vision of the organization by willingly initiating new and exciting programs that benefit the youth in Providence and their families.The organization has impacted the lives of those who have contributed one way or another to the sincere efforts of organizing a huge festival while learning the Dominican Culture.The board is a hard working volunteer board who promise to continue to address the needs of our community specifically the educational and social needs of our youth.


Janet Pichardo, President
Ana Morillo, Arts and Culture
Marilyn Cepeda-Sanchez, Vice President
Mabel Diclo – Youth Group Coordinator
Xiomara Morillo, Assistant Vice President
Solanchi Fernandez – Director of CAPP-RI
Agustin Diaz, Disciplinary Issues
Huascar Beato, General Board Member
Lisnel Arias, Treasurer
Evelyn Castillo – General Board Member
Jenny Guzman, Secretary
Jovanna Garcia – General Board Member
Cendhi Arias, CAPP-RI Coordinator
Ana Paiz, General Board Member
Ceasar Morillo, Arts and Culture
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